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Written By Mishka Patel

Photo Credit: Adele De Bruyn Photography 

Oh so Sassy Chic

I've seen the hashtag, and I have loved the clothes. Spring has sprung a loooong time ago, and new Summer trends are on the horizon. From pops of colours to florals making a come-back, lately 'Free The Nipple' outfits are all over social media too. 


Is this the new age? A new trend? Or am I the only one who hasn't jumped on that train yet? I used to see nipples when I go see fashion shows or when I am the master of ceremonies at Jacques La Grange's fashion shows, but now I see nipples almost every day, even when I am grocery shopping. Is the 80's making a comeback? Or am I just on the wrong train?

Let me explain my train- So, I have decided on working on an edgier summer style for summer 2016. I am playing with colour and textures instead of nipples though, and I have entered a whole new era of sporty looks with heels, or as some call it, sports luxe. I want to be more playful when it comes to my style, even a little more daring- especially in Summer. 

Fashion means more to others than some. I am part of the 'others.'

My philosophy when it comes to fashion: What you wear says a lot about how you see yourself or how you feel about yourself.You can send a strong message with every look, every day: 'This is who I am today.' Or is this only me, again?

Some days I feel sporty yet stylish- This look sums that up exactly right, pairing a khaki Sassy Chic bomber jacket with a gym look (Adidas ski pants, adidas ultra-boost sneakers, StellaMcCartney sports bra)


Some days I feel girly and fun- How much do we love the 'off the shoulder' trend right now? I am all about the collar-bone life in summer. Both from SassyChic – Let’s not forget the floral wrap dress- I fell in love when I saw it – Just a thought, florals are making a HUGE comeback this season and it’s making me feel all kinds of fabulous.



Some days I feel sexy- Usually I'd stay on the conservative side when it comes to my style, but sometimes a girl needs to show a little leg and feel like a woman and sexy. I believe this white/milk Bon Bon strappy dress puts the 'sex' in sexy. 


Some days I feel more casual and relaxed, but still colourful- These looks are for the perfect day summers look- Absolutely love the plum pleated blouse and the short sleeve Bardot bodysuit, easy to mix and match with any pants or any skirt. 


Other days I just walk around naked and I don’t want to show the world who I am that day. Nope, there's no picture for that part ;) To me a good look is like a wine pairing - it either works or it doesn't. These are the looks I feel simply works, for me.

I have been asked various times to give fashion tips, and this is what I can tell you and this is the one thing I know for sure: Find what works for YOU and your body type.

"No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and never give up.' - Yes honey, because at the end of the day, first impressions DOES matter and when you have one of those off days, rather walk around naked at home and don't show the world who you are that day.

But when you do, make sure you look Oh So Sassy Chic;)

Sassy Chic: 

Price list of items in all images:

  • SassyChic Bomber Jacket (Khaki) - R 799.00
  • SassyChic Floral Wrap Dress - R 699.00
  • SassyChic Bardot Short Sleeve Bodysuit (Light Beige) - R 350.00
  • SassyChic Bob Bon Strappy Dress (Milk/White) - R 549.00
  • SassyChic Pleated Blouse (Plum) - R 399.00
  • SassyChic Off Shoulder Dress (Black) - R 599.00
  • SassyChic Off Shoulder Dress (Pink) - R 599.00


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