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Written By Mishka Patel

BIG Sky Cottages
With a S E X Y little sports car

Right. So, August started off with a bang! We’ve not even been in halfway, but I needed a mini break, and because it’s women’s month, I decided I wanted to treat myself! You know, the every day hustle, admin, events, work (and play) can sometime result in needing a mini, one-day breather with my best friend, soulmate and brotha’ from anotha’ motha’… Yes, my little homeboy Donovan and I decided to run away for a day!


Situated against the Mostertshoek Mountain, a beautiful little 3-star graded cottage awaited us. An hour from Cape Town, and about a two hour drive for us since we decided to take the scenic route, I was excited to spend one night of my weekend in a self-catering cottage between Wolseley and Ceres. I was welcomed by breath-taking scenery and as the hustle of the city sometimes (as mentioned before) can get too much, I needed to escape to the countryside. The thing few of you know, is I am a complete ‘down-and-dirty’ kind of girl. Loving anything outdoors, from hiking, quad-biking, swimming in rivers to having an outdoor-in-nature-braai, catching fishes and frogs. Okay, so maybe not frogs. But you understand what I’m saying, right?

Back to business.

Inside our home for the evening, was a queen size bed, cute little fully equipped kitchen, beautiful lounge which included DSTV, Wi-Fi, aircon, a fireplace, private patio and barbeque! And there’s also a communal swimming pool and Boma to enjoy during your stay.

While you’re visiting, and need some action, there are so many activities to choose from! My favourites are: Visiting various art galleries, there’s the Crystal Cave, various museums, an awesome bicycle hire, hiking trails, wine farms for wine tastings and lunch as well as a few different restaurants and  to name a few! Since we came for a break, we decided to check out the hiking trail and the bike hire! We are all about the fitness, BUT sadly the weather didn’t allow us to! The Murludi hiking trail was also closed due to a recent mountain fire, so, we went on a mini hike of our own.

All in all, it was an absolutely perfect getaway, and exactly what the soul needed!

For more:

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First of all, can we take a moment to appreciate the sexy vibe of this car? I’ve always been a fan of a smaller, sporty-looking car as it suits all my needs perfectly. Let’s talk about the pros and cons. Let’s be honest here, the drive to our little mini vacay was smooth sailing with this bad-boy, and it was quite an experience driving an automatic car, since I’m so used to a manual car!

Suzuki’s cars are known for their build quality and reliability. The Baleno’s exterior looks sophisticated and sleek, with a touch of sporty. (Hey, this is my opinion!) It’s also a more conservative styling exercise than the perky Swift, and it has a 1400 engine and it is a hatch back. The attractive grill has a typically Suzuki visage, and interestingly, the Baleno is somewhat larger than the likes of the Polo and Fiesta.

What makes the Suzuki Baleno so incredible (in my opinion):

1. Bluetooth: Hello, nobody has time for a traffic violation! This is and has always been a very important function for me, as I’m always on the phone for calls. 

2. Sound system works perfectly with the integrated Bluetooth/Aux and USB capability. Speaker quality was also very impressive as we do looooove listening to loud music while we drive long distances!

3. The Baleno comes with parking sensors in the front and rear. 

4. The speedometer is funky and displays all the necessary information, for example, the outside temperature, fuel consumption and travel time to name a few.  

5. The touch screen is brilliant feature because it removes the ‘clutter of buttons’. (Touch screen is also very responsive)

6. Cruise control (especially long distance)

7. Very spacious: Leg room and boot space (my Lipault bag once again fit like a glove) and the height adjustable driver and passenger seats are pretty beneficial too.

8. Fuel consumption was the one thing I was so pleasantly surprised about! Actually, the MOST surprised about. It’s so so incredibly light on fuel. I drive far, every single day, so this would for sure be beneficial to me!

9. And JUST like the Ignis I drove before, the feature I still most enjoy (besides the low fuel consumption) is the fact that the car doesn’t need a key to physically unlock the doors or start the car! Just because I always seem to have 10 000 things in my hands!


In a nutshell, this was exactly what both Donovan and I needed! Will we visit again? Hell yes! Will we buy this car for ourselves based on our experience? Thumbs-up! 

To do your own research: or call Suzuki Kenilworth 021 673 1000


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